Her Body: The City (Poem - hypertext)

dalston, waterloo, wapping stairs

wake quick
pick selves up
glut city rich
metal sheets
dalston fix
frame base
pores open

trash ethic
overlap fold
blind Waterloo
this actually happening
page flap

accumulate crack
seeds, cloud drunkenness on bridges
electronic boroughs
shiftcoax joyblink
neon traffic spit
sun swerve me
smudging folds of
return through
stein with a belt
of texts for
<me> insert

mouseover waterflats
pack larkspur lead
tilt toward riot
looped wapping
eat straight
navigate utterance

shadwell, westminster, peckham

from inside the product
text body to hackney downs
on rollover images

risk the word “economy”

to park to pod to flower
to Westminster Bridge
lost words from platonic roses
river bent
light off of the humming “I” ball shocks of visible silences and noise
meat for the masculine pavement gesture

thesis: that unlike the economy of production/consumption where goods are
translated into money and then back into goods,

the economy of poetry is what I'd call gestural kp
meaning: you put energy into a gesture that may or may not circle back to you in
terms of a tulip

tottenham, whitechapel, bloomsbury

polaroid trail
plug-in postcards
Tottenham High Road
bus sweat

blend code and paint
hold no page
hit haunt in hackney
mess into morning
toward off-camera

finger instinctive
map instinct
vibrate Kingsland
lace streets
reek white
contemporary light
budtown rain
seek difficulty
sex diffuculty sex
difficulty to whitechapel
on rollover images
follow sewing subject lip about London and electricity stem into

nani alitoweka chini ya uso ya mwandiko

myself viewed as if thrown away

in performance

images: maria teresa gavazzi

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