this is my economy

            v.         gold-go-go   

            - postcard of star ferry pier

lung you glittery
circuit breaths
wrapped in sun                        
            go packaging
            go golden age 88 story
building in cowboy repository
sands are go
river        golden

foreground flashes
even on mountains

curvature of sun             go
neon                                   go petals
go tippi             horse back plots             disaster in looking  

go windless             spec of thames/hudson             go spectacle
honey city                                           go hourglass    go splits

go tennis or involve the domestication of a leopard     go vertical
under the wing in the back go            success             go movie             battle
stab or steal the sexes


go stretching from win TO
WANCHAI                          go singled out hysteria at a filmy pace           

go marriage

go pleasure the pixels go stare at pleasure panting its name over windows    go steamy

     go strap a lemon on lottery             go fingers go drop a suck on correctly dressed woman

go lusting little memories of a swing door go revolving

go freedom            
go southern belle

go quietly                         burning


go plane realizing too late VISA loved you for you   gold and scarlett backdrop
go tanning
go perfect             go giddy go             between true love and glowing             go as a picture

go dancing sparkle or rotate murders go fancy dress             go upsy                         go daisy
keep going shiny upping
go sparks go fuzzy go peeps go sunny go cloudless golden and strung across patios go on lassie go
retrieve actress from golden screaming
banked water
the horizon is cheating
imagine it golden
imagine it beating like go go


for all
glittery circuit
breaths wrapped in sun packaging
golden stories               of building                        
are go                  river        golden

keep going             shiny upping   goldie licks      goldie spits      shiny golden strips

just keep GOING in a bulb keep fire circular tulips GO
yellowing stutter lights go baking if only go operate GO
heavy GO
browning go sugar go machinery golden go girls go golden
syrupy girls howling
golden syrupy howling
girls firing howling
girls sun firing         for you
set me on
you             set me on
you         set me on firing

      imagine it golden imagine it beating for you
set me on
you             set me on
you set me on firing
imagine me glittery
breath wrapped in sun
packaging golden
stories of memories revolving
horizon cheating
imagine it golden snowing
breath trapped in sun
beating knowing the glistening’s not spun
sugar even stars
are a warning
gold and silver screaming
GO remembering
film or sun sets holding all you own

in breaths as soon as
GO as live